Rigging your boom with "Jiffy Reefing"

(Reproduced from Chris Beatty's "Deep Blue" website)



Start by tying your line(s) to the eye(s) on the port side of your boom.
Aft = first reef; Forward = second reef.

These lines will go up to the grommet(s) in your mainsail: Aft goes through the first grommet (looking up). Forward goes through the second grommet (looking up).

Finally, not reefing related, there is a cleat forward of the reefing eye(s). This is the out-haul. Line should be tied to the sail clew; go through the block on top of the boom (attached to the same eye as you would attach the topping lift); forward to the before mentioned port cleat.


On the Starboard side: Pass the first reef line through the aft block; Feed the second reef line through the forward block.


The bitter end of the reef line goes through the forward cleat(s) on the starboard side of your boom. Again, the first reef goes into the aft cleat and the second reef goes into the forward cleat.


  (Reproduced From Chris Beatty's "Deep Blue" Website )



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