Mast Step Plates from Svendson's Boatyard, Alameda, CA 510-522-2866.
Ask for the retail shop and be sure to tell them you're with the Potter Organization!

Bruce the Rigger recommended using a Harken #183 block (500 pound load ) as the turning block for my P-19 main halyard for its strength, compact size, and affordability ($14 each). He recommended Harken block #166 (300 pound load rated) for everthing else. They're a dollar or two less expensive than the #183. However, you can't tell the blocks apart from each other, so I got all #183's to avoid confusion.

Small Mast Plate

The small mast step plate is 5.5" wide overall at the forward edge and 6" front-to-back. The flat part of the plate measures 4" wide at the forward edge, 3" wide at the aft edge, and 5" from front to back. The plate is made of stainless steel approx 1/16" thick.. The part # at Svendson's Boat Yard is SSR STEP SM and the price is $52.06. This size will most likely fit a standard P14/15 and perhaps a standard P19 mast, but check your own boat's dimensions to be sure.


Medium Mast Plate

The medium sized mast step plate measures 6" wide overall and 7.5" overall from front to back. The flat part of the plate measures 4" wide and 6.5" from front to back. The flat part is almost exactly the same size as the flat raised fiberglass fillet on which the mast rests on my P-19, "Red Wing" and I used this size on my boat. The plate is made of stainless steel, a little thicker than 1/16". The cost at Svenson's is $63.32 (part #SSR STEP MED).

If your mast is heavier-duty than the standard p14/15 or P19 mast, you may need to use this mast step plate.

You can also get halyard organizers to go underneath the mast step from Dwyer Mast or Catalina Direct

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