Cross section of a Potter 19 Keel Trunk and Hull

They're built like a Brick Sh... ahem... A "Brick Outhouse"

These are pictures o the keel trunk from a 1999 or 2000 Potter. The owner cut out the keel trunk to try an experimental lifting keel with a bulb Otorpeado at the bottom. The pictures are very interesting, because they show how thick the hull and keel trunk in a Potter 19 are, and how the hull liner is joined to the hull.

The keel trunk has been cut out of the boat to be replaced with a trunk shaped for the new bulb keel.

A view of the aft end of the keel trunk. The glass laminate on the oterside of the hull (gray layer at the bottom) is almost 7/8 inches thick as built by the factory. Above that is additional glass and slurry added by the present owner; it it not factory built. The original cabin liner was removed when the owner made this modification.

Here's the view looking aft at the hole in the hull from which the keel trunk was cut.

The edge of the keel cutout, looking aft, just behind the keel

A view of the side of the keel trunk, at the aft end. Aft of the measuring tape, the hull is a beefy 3/4 inch thick laminate (dark gray color), as originally built by the factory.

The stuff above the original laminate was a modificaton by the owner.

Another side view of the aft end of the trunk.

A view of the hole in the Potter 19 hull, in the middle of the trunk. the original hull laminate here a full 1/2" thick (gray color layer).

Another side view of the cross section of the hull at the side.

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