"Baja" style trailer for a Potter 19

Our new semi-custom Caulkins trailer has a swing tongue that's long enough for us to open our Dodge Grand Caravan's back hatch. And it's long enough to launch the boat without puttng our wheels in the water. With 10" wheels (and wide tires), the bow pulpit is 6'8" high with the trailer level. The trailer will fit into garage with the old-fashioned swing-up one-piece door.

We started with a Caulkins model CN1618 (with a 2200 pound capacity). the boat was about 1" too wide to fit between the wheel, so we removed the 13" tires and rims and put on 10" rims with very wide tires. We also mounted the axle below the leaf springs rather than on top of the leaf springs, so the top of the tires was just an inch above the frame. The last thing we did was move the fenders outward, so the boat could sit just an inch or two above the trailer frame.