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The trailer holds two Force 5's (or Lasers), two or three windsurfers, a Sietech dolly for hand launching the Force 5's, about 15 masts and booms, and a pile of sails for the boats and windsurfers. The steel rack is custom built to my design by Barstad & Donicht of San Leandro, CA. It will support the weight of two adults and three boats, which the aluminum racks from Sietch don't.

The bunks hold the boats and masts securely for cross country trips, with no worries of boats coming loose (like the aluminum rack we used to have before I built this one). I can get the lower hull off the boat by myself and launch it, but it takes two people to get the upper hull unloaded.

Before I built it, it used to take an hour to load our old trailer. Now we can get ready to hit the road in less than 10 minutes -- all we have to do is bungy the sails in their bags on the rack and throw the rudders and centerboards for the Force 5's in the van.

The whole structure sits on a galvanized Calkins trailer (1400 pound payload, 12" wheels).

There is room to add a locked gear box big enough for windsurfing booms and the rudders and centerboards, but I never got around to building it. Or the space could be used for another windsurfing gear

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