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33065 The tube is made of plastic electrical conduit; it won't get brittle from UV damage like white PVC. The red tarp ties (6" loop of shock cord with a single ball) keeps the anchor from bouncing around and catching on the mainsheet. Another tarp tie loop (not shown in this picture) from the starboard cleat to the ladder supports the ladder in the raised position, keeping the weight of the anchor from pulling the ladder down. The blue tarp tie you see here is used only during trailering to secure the chain. The balls on the tarp ties make it easy to pull the bungies off quickly.
37534 Here's the ladder in the down position. The tube doesn't get in the way of dropping the telescoping ladder, but the anchor has to be put in the cockpit or else it will "self-launch"
40165 This close up shows how I attached the tube with "pipe hangers".
30624 A top view of the chain pipe on the transom. It's removable and can be replaced with a deck plate. CAUTION: If you deploy the anchor with the sails up, you must immediately secure the rode up on the bow, or else the boat will try to sail downwind, dragging the anchor.