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44686 There was an eclectic mix of boats -- about 18 Potters, two Bolger-designed Gypsies (built by Peter Pillsbury of the San Jose Sailing Club), a Pringle 18 catamaran and a Windrider trimaran (ownded by Vince and Sharon Venezia of the Potter Yachters), an Escape, a sunfish or two, and some Force 5's (owned by Judy and Dave Blumhorst). It was great fun going out on several different types of sailboats, all in the course of an afternoon!
45037 Sunrise, Sunday am. By 10 am, the wind was a perfect 12-15 knots. Potters were zooming all over the lake.
37548 Sunset at Woodward on Saturday.
44640 Potters beached. You can sail your right onto the beach if you raise your keel, or you can hop off onto a sandy bottom in 4 feet of water.
43678 A view of the campsite from the water. "Reaching Point" is a favorite spot of sailors, so we had about 6 campsites full of friendly strangers right near us -- the more the merrier. I'm happy to report that there were no power boaters or PWC's nearby, and no loud music blaring from adjacent campsites.
46908 We had a great party on the beach Saturday night. The "Hor D'oerves" set out on the table were practically a meal by themselves! The awards for gormet camp cooking went to Mitch Carne's Cognac-marinated tenderloin medallions and Dave Kautz' toasted sour dough topped with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. We had a three jugglers present and they put on a quite a show for us -- Eric Zilbert, and Vince and Sharon Venezia. From left to right are Eric Zilbert, Sharon Venezia (blurry because she's juggling and moving too fast for the shutter speed), Vince Venezia, and Bard Johnson.
41635 Saturday was perfect for relaxed sailing and beginners. Winds were light, but there was enough wind to fill our sails and keep the boats moving. We all got out on the water and practiced our sailing skills. Can somebody ID this P19 sailing at a leisurely pace for me?
46015 Dave White relaxing in the shade on the beach. Dave came down from Sacramento with his family and his brand new P19, Wee Boat. This is one of the most relaxing events of the season, because you can take beach your boat anytime you want, without the hassle of waiting for a dock.
69148 The gang from San Jose Sailing club -- Peter Pillsbury, SJSC Dinghy Fleet Captain and his wife Deb, Dave Norris (dual membership in SJSC and PYC), and Pete Gibson, a SJSC member who crews frequently for Dave on his P19, WightCap. Also in the photo (in front of tree) is SJSC member Karno Mertoguno who brought his 9-ft. Escape Solsa in addition to his Nissan inflatable.
43937 Pete Gibson staying cool. The water was warm and refreshing -- perfect for taking a dip.
60966 Judy B and her fleet of smaller sailcraft. There are two Force 5 racing dinghies, two windsurfers, 7 masts (in 14 pieces), 5 booms (two for the Force 5's and 4 for the windsurfers) loaded up on the trailer, along with a Sietech boat dolly for transporting boats and gear on the beach.
67197 Close up of the front of Judy's dinghy rack, showing the front half of the Sietec boat dolly stowed on the rack. The handle fits in a clip-on bracket under the hulls.
44960 Jerry Barrilleaux in Sunshine. That's Dave Norris' P19 Wight Cap in the background
44234 Dave Norris' WightCap, anchored out stern-and-bow. Dave took advantage of the sandy bottom to practice his anchoring technique. The rest of us were too lazy -- we just pulled our boats right up on the beach!
128646 Map of Woodward Reservoir, near Oakdale, CA. showing campsite #20 and the boat ramp. Campsite #20 is located on "Reaching Point". It got it's unofficial name from sailing afficionados of Woodward, because you usually can sail right up to the site on a reach and just turn up into the wind towards the dam to stop. The wind usually comes from the NW, over the dam and down the lake. The reervoir covers 2900 acres, with 23 miles of shallow-water shoreline.