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39181 A welcoming wave from Chris Beatty, atop his brand new Potter 19 -- It's never even had the mast raised, we helped him get ready to splash the boat for her maiden voyage.
42664 Dave Norris and friend ready to set sail in his almost new P19 on a windy and wet day. The boat's named "WightCap"
43472 Dave Norris - sailing in front of Coast Guard Island
38938 Another shot of Dave's new P19, showing off his beautiful green sails
46032 Jerry Barrilleaux and Judy Blumhorst helped Chris rig and tune his boat for the first time. You can't see Judy B -- she's on the other side of the camera :)
47671 Dave Norris
42847 Dave Norris again in "WightCap"
30745 Another shot of Chris Beatty's new boat. (The circular frame around the pic is an artifact. If I put the zoom to its widest angle, it produces this circle. It's called a vignette.)
26807 Look at that BIG smile on Chris' face. It was Chris' first sail in "Deep Blue". We put the first reef in the main and used a full lapper. We could have used the full main, but this was Chris' first time out in his new boat, and it was best to keep her a little undercanvassed until he got used to the feel of the boat. The wind on the Oakland Estuary was about 15 knots near the ramp, and about 20 knots with a few higher gusts as we neared the mouth to San Francisco Bay. The boat was perfectly powered up and Chris was already comfortable at the helm by the time we were sailing in the heavier winds. Jerry sailed past us and yelled to me to put her on her ear to about 30 degrees to show how beautifully she would round up and get back on her feet. I took the helm and put "Deep Blue" through her paces, while Jerry took pictures from his boat. A few minutes later, I gave the helm back to Chris. He cranked up his courgage and hardened her sails, with me calling out the degrees on the clinometer til he reached 20 and held her there for a few moments. Then he backed her off to about 12-15 degrees of heel and kept her there. Boy, did that boat fly!! We were doing an easy 5+ knots!
20600 Jerry Barrilleaux on HMS-18 #48 "Sunshine". Carol's inside in the cabin.