Album Index for Album 0023: Potters at Monterey Bay

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86163 dscn0014
81634 dscn0013
86052 dscn0012
84417 dscn0011
84114 Deep Blue
81040 Deep Blue
88767 dscn0015
34800 Judy B's Redwing on Monterey Bay. This was the first time sailing with our new lapper and it didn't fit quite right. The clew was too low for our genoa tracks. We were forced to reef the lapper on the CDI and it's trimmed kinda funny. The sailmaker completely recut the sail and now it sets beautifully. Photo courtesy of Small Craft Advisor magazine.
45467 Redwing
36654 Jerry Barrilleaux's Sunshine
44428 Redwing
38002 Sunshine
52152 Chris Beatty's P-19 "Deep Blue" on Monterey Bay. Courtesy of Small Craft Advisor Magazine. From their review of the Potter 19, published in May 2000. Visit their website at