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Bruce Thanks for recording your efforts. I too have keel trunk problems to now deal with. It is not clear from your photos as to how much of the liner pan bottom had to be removed in order to facilitate the repairs. My trunk which is similarly thin ( worst of the 94's?)has now developed a crack all along the port side where the pan joins the trunk. Anything further which you might be able to pass on would be appreciated. Again, well done. I sure envy all the potters down south - it is May 19 and it snowed briefly today - P19 #755 Auroras dance.... 4 hours drive from the Alaska border in north central B.C.
Judy Bruce, Send me a picture. I really doubt that the problem is what you think. It's probably just a cosmetic crack in the joint between the keel trunk and the liner pan. The keel trunks on the boats built by International Marine are quite beefy at the hull, where it really counts. The keel trunk on your boat was bonded to the hull with resin and glass cloth. Then a small bucket of thickened resin is poured into the hull around the keel trunk. After that the liner "pan" is dropped down around the keel trunk. I'll bet that what you're seeing is simply a hairline crack in the joint between the pan and the trunk. If that's what it is, there's nothing to worry about. It'not anything that affects the safety of your boat and NOT a structural concern. Any water that seeps down will drain into the bilge which can be emptied by removing the bilge plug when the boat is on the trailer. If you want to fix the crack, use some thickened polyester resin and two or three or four layers of very fine glass overlapping the crack about 1-2". Then paint on some gelcoat as a finish coat. Read a good basic text to bone up on the technical details of working with fiberglass. Judy B

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