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23404 The locking mechanism I chose for Redwing is elegantly simple -- a piece of line from the keel cap to a self jamming horn cleat on the keel trunk. That's the way the original HMS 18's were set up. It takes about 3 seconds to lock or free the keel. You can leave a few inches of slack when sailing in shallow waters, to allow the keel to bump up. I've tried steel bolts, nylon bolts, and heavy-duty bungee cords. I think this is the best system!
10251 The mahogany piece started out at 1" x 1.5". I wrapped some sand paper around a pipe and shaped the back of it to fit the rounded end of the keel trunk. I used thickened epoxy to attach the mahogany to the keel trunk. Then I used screws that were long enough to go through the cleat, the wood and finally go about 1/4" into the keel trunk itself. It's subjected to shearing forces, so it should hold. The keel locking line is attached to the keel cap at an eyestrap, also loaded in shear.
22162 An example of Herb Stewart's original "line and cleat" design for keel trunk lock down on Jerry Barrilleaux's HMS18 #48, Sunshine. Sunshine was built in 1974 when Stewart still owned the company. When Joe Edwards aquired the company, the boat became known as the Potter 19.