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26512 The cabinet is made of mahogany. In this pic, it's not stained or varnished yet. It holds a cooler, has a chart desk with lifting lid on top, and there's a removable bin for plates and galley gear fitted inside behind the cooler.
27997 The Coleman Extreme Cooler will keep ice for 5 days in 90 degree heat. It's pretty small inside, due to the thick walls -- but the beer stays ice cold!!!.
149131 Behind the cooler is a galley bin. It holds plates on the left side, and other galley gear on the right.
25409 A view of the open chart desk. The chart desk must be lifted off to access the cooler. It can be used as a lap desk. I still need to install a latch to hold the lid down, and a spring to hold it open.
13416 The finished cabinet
19189 View of the inside of the chartdesk
20913 The chartdesk removed for access to the cooler
13889 Detail of latches
29964 The block at the bottom center of the opening keeps the doors aligned and protects against somene falling against the doors. There is a similar block on the top, underneath the chartdesk (not shown)
21668 Detail of side latch that secures the chart desk. The back edge of the chart desk has a groove that fits underneath the fiberglass surface.