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41051 On the trailer with the mast up. When the mast is up, I stretch a rope from the bow pulpit to the backstay to act as a "ridgepole" to hold the canvas up. When the mast is down in the trailering position, the mast acts as the ridegepole. When the boat is on the trailer I use bungees to hold it down. It can be used on the water too, with weighted bags clipped onto the bottom edge over the cover.
37246 A side view showing details. There's a zipper that splits the cover into a front and back half right at the mast.
33465 A front view. When the mast is down in the trailering position, it sticks out thru this hole and rests on the "Y" on the top of the trailer's bow stop.
48817 A shot with the mast down in the trailering/storage position. There's a hole visible where the mast sticks up thru when the mast is raised -- I have a snap on flap to cover this, but I forgot it for the picture.
42815 Aft view with the mast down. You can see a cutout for the backstay to pass thru when the mast is raised.