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The completed installation.
The bracket is attached on the underside of the tiller, 18" forward (forward is to the right in this picture) of the gudgeons on the rudder.
Another shot of the tiller
A cantilever post was mounted on the inside of the cockpit, 18" forward of the gudgeons. Use of the cantilever post keeps the autopilot unit down low, where the mainsheet can't catch easily it and flip it overboard. Note that the stanchion for the cockpit rails is also approx 18" forward of the gudgeons, and therefor you can't mount the autopilot on top of the coaming, even if it were a better locations (which it isn't because of the risk of catching a line on it)
Close up of the cantilever bracket and the powercord recepticle. The post can be removed by unscrewing it, but it doesn't get in the way where it is. The powercord has wires for connecting to the GPS, which is on a swing out arm in the companionway. The GPS can drive the boat to a waypoint.
A tape measure to give approximate dimensions.
This is the nicest tiller tamer I've ever seen. If you don't want an autopilot, you may want to consider the Tiller Stay. It's available thru Catalina Direct 800 959-7245. Their website is at