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This shot shows the mast on the way up. I started winching the mast up and then stepped back to take this picture. The rope from the extra trailer winch is attached to the main halyard for hoisting. There's a roller at the top of the strut for the trailer winch rope to turn around. Usually I have a headsail on the CDI, but not today since I had taken it to the sailmaker for maintenance. -->>BTW, Jerry Barrilleaux helped design this system.
The strut is a six foot long piece of extra strong, lightweight channel steel. It's flexing a little. That's why I tied a rope from the top of the strut to the front of the car (under the bumper). Perhaps I'll install a "spreader" and stay on the strut to stiffen it. Then I wouldn't have to tie it under the car and would save about 2 minutes of rigging time on each end and keep me from getting dirty.
Close up of strut in sleeve on bow stop. The strut slides down and in for mast raising, up and out for removal. The extra winch is mounted on the bow stop of the trailer.
Close up of how the "Mast Up" crutch fits into the gudgeon. You can adjust the height of the tube and the spacing of the pintles to match the gudgeons by loosening the nut on the pintle collar. Also note the safety pins thru the pintles. The safey pins are attached with yellow fishing leader to the pintles.
Close up of roller at top of "Mast Up" crutch. The pin just below the top bracket holds the tube in place when you telescope it. It can extend from 5'7" to 9'6". It is available from "Mast-Up" in Oregon 541-686-2666 for $140 plus shipping (price quoted May 2000.)
Wide angle shot of mast in crutch in lowered position for trailering. I can extend it up another 4 feet, but I found I don't need to do that with the strut on the bowstop. However, if I ever need to raise or lower the mast when the boat is not on the trailer, I can raise the mast up on the crutch and hoist it by running the main halyard forward to the bow pulpit and then aft thru a rope clutch and the winch on the cabin top.