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Kirk Baker bakersusa@amerite.... I would really appreciate some details about what appears to be a roller mounted to the bow pulpit. (What is it? How is it mounted? Does it come off for sailing or trailering?) I really like the simplicity of the system. No fulcrum pole, no mini-stays if I understand correctly.
Judy B drjudyb@xxxxxxxxx Hi Kirk, There is no roller on the bow pulpit. The mast carrying cradle that is on the pulpit is used instead of a roller. There are ministays attached 6' up the mast, and anchored directly outboard, in line with the axis of the mast step hinge. But there IS a strong wooden "mast cradle" across the pulpit from side to side, which Jerry uses to support the mast when trailering. In the center of the cradle is a half round depresson that the mast rests in when it's down. To raise the mast, Jerry takes the strap from the winch, drapes it over depression in the mast cradle, and hooks it to the jib halyard. The strap doesn't cut into the wooden mast cradle; if you used a rope, you would have to cover the surface with something that wouldn't be cut by the rope. The rig is a fractional one, so the jib halyard is approximately 3/4 of the mast height. If you have to use a halyard from the masthead (like I do), the geometry dictates that you either raise the mast up higher at the stern, or use a strut at the front (like I do) Hope this helps, but I'll try to get a picture of Jerry's mast cradle on the bow pulpit so you can look at it. Fair winds, Judy B

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