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Back at the parking lot after a day of sailing, Carol lowered Sunshine's mast with the winch from the trailer. She's not working too hard!!!
Another shot of lowering the mast on Jerry and Carol's boat. It may look like Jerry's working, but he's not. He's just waiting until Carol finished lowering the mast.
A shot of the mast, just as it drops onto the mast crutch on Jerry's boat. The crutch telescopes; you see it here in the extended position. From this position, Jerry uses the winch on the trailer hitched to the jib halyard to raise the mast. Sometimes he stands there and watches while Carol winches it up.
A close up of the mast in the crutch. The roller makes moving the mast from the trailering position to the tabernacle easy.
Jerry and Carol. The mast is in the crutch in the lowered position for trailering.