2000 SCA Cruiser Challenge - Results and Commentary

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Skippers' meeting. We had a huge crowd this year-- 68 skippers and crew!

The raft up at the Guest Dock in Marina Harbor Yacht Village. 27 boats participated. This is a truly gorgeous marina, with excellent facilities. We took the water taxi to the buffet dinner at Jack London Square's El Torito, and had brunch right next door to the marina at the Oakland Yacht Club.

dscn0353 - 1st place winners in "Middle sized" Pocket Cruiser Division", Justin Pipkorn and Edith Gillespi round the mark at the finish. Elapsed time: 00:55:42. Justin and Edith built their Vagabond 20+ "Just Right" themselves and it's gorgeous, roomy and fast!

dscn0355 - Jim Silva, crossing the finish line to take 2nd place in the Medium size division in his Capri 16. Elapsed time 00:59:37

Jerry Barrilleux heads for a 3rd place in his P19 "Sunshine". Elpased time 1:01:00 (approx). Jerry had a late start and crossed the starting line 00:03:05 after the starting signal, so his time around the course was approx 00:57:05.

dscn0358 - Greg Moore and crew member Diane Wilson take 4th place in the middle sized division in his Montgomery 17. Elapsed time 01:04:00 (approx)

dscn0366 - Wes Harrison in his Potter 19, with Bard Johnson crewing, takes a 5th place in the Middle size division with an elapsed time of 1:08:00 (approx)

dscn0367 - A real family affair! Jim and Venus Picard plus three kids and a dog in their HMS 18 took 6th place with an elapsed time of 1:09:00 (approx). An HMS 18 is an older version of a Potter 19.

dscn0360 - Eric Jungemaww's Flicka gave new meaning to the "large sized" pocket cruiser division... and finished 2nd (out of 2)in his Flicka with an elapsed time of 01:13:00 (approx). Eric was also late across the starting line by a minute or two. First place in the Big Boat division went to Ramona (and Randy) Garrett in their Catalina 22, "Dream Catcher" with an elpased time of 00:51:05, the fastest time among all the boats. It was Ramona's first time as skipper in a race and she sailed a fine race -- Congratulations Ramona! (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of Dream Catcher crossing the finish line)

dscn0364 - The Flicka rounds the mark at the finish. Right behind him, Jerry Montgomery and Tom Smith, sailing Tom's M15 "Chukar", head for a 1st place finish in the Small Boat Division, with an elapsed time of 00:57:00 (approx). Jerry and Tom sailed a near-perfect race, crossing the starting line just 6 seconds after the gun. Todd Barrilleaux's Potter 15 was a few seconds behind them at the starting line. The Montgomery 15 and Potter 15 dueled all the way to the upwind mark, where the Mongomery beat the Potter around the mark by a few seconds. On the downwind leg, the Montgomery built up a good lead. The Potter 15 made up some lost ground on the final upwind leg, but finished 00:02:54 behind the Montgomery 15. The Montgomery 15 was flying a genoa, while the Potter 15 was flying a 20 square foot storm jib, and it made a significant difference on the downwind leg.

dscn0369- It was a photo finish between the P15's in the "Small Sized" pocket cruiser -- Todd Barrilleaux edged out a 2 second lead over Dave Kautz to take 2nd place in the small boat division. Todd had an elapsed time of 00:59:54, and had a good start, crossing the start line just 12 seconds behind the first boat. (The P19 in the lead is Larry Steffen's Yukki, with crew member Garreth Shaw. Yukki's elapsed time in the Medium Sized Fleet was 01:06:09)

dscn0373 Harry Gordon and John Purdy duked it out on the final upwind leg, after Harry slipped ahead at the.downwind mark. At the finish line, John (elapsed time of 1:06:12) out-maneuvered Harry to take 5th place by a few seconds. You can see Bob Becker just behind in his Montgomery 15 with the red and yellow sails, coming in 6th with an elapsed time of 1:06:25 .

dscn0372- You can see Bob Becker in his Montgomery 15 with the red and yellow sails, coming in 6th in the Small Boat fleet, with an elapsed time of 1:06:25

dscn0371 Dave Kautz in his P15. He practiced hard this year and got new sails for his boat -- and really gave the favorite, Todd Barrilleux a tough fight for the first P15 over the finish line. Great race, Dave!!!

dscn0380 - Bruce Hood, P15. 7th place, elapsed time of 1:09:49

dscn0389 - Dick Herman in Compac 14 "Moon Shadow". 8th place with elapsed time of 1:19

dscn0390 Jason Roberts in P15 "Otter". Jason is a brand new P15 skipper but even with an elapsed time of 1:26:00 -- he didn't give up. He finished and was cheerful and friendly afterwards, so he got the "Guts and Glory" Trohpy for good sportsmanship.

dscn0392 Jason Roberts in "Otter"

dscn0377 Bob Becker, in his Mongtomery 15

dscn0383 - Justin Pipkorn's Vagabond 20 under spinnaker after the race ended.

dscn0384 - Vagabond 20 under Spinnaker, after the race.

TSBB Reunion time! L to R: Chris Beatty, Judy Blumhorst, Edith with Justin Pipkorn, and Dave Kautz

dscn0340 - John Purdy and Sue Ebinger came down from Orgeon with John's P15 "Perky". Other long distance attendees included Ted and Helen Duke, from Virginia. Ted (P19 short rig "The Duchess") sailed in the race on Dick Herman's. ComPac 14

dscn0343 - Doug and Kelly Pittman's P19 "Robusto". Elasped time of 01:26:00.

dscn0345 Greg Moore's "Full Monty". Greg and crew member Diane Wilson came in 4th in the Medium Sized division, with an elapsed time of 1:04:00