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720922 dscn0726 - On the downwind leg of the race, with most of the fleet far astern....
820898 Nick Fusco's trying to catch us on the downwind leg in his Catalina 16. That's Josh Colvin of Small Craft Advisor magazine along for the ride. And behind Nick is Jerry Barrilleaux... it's a rare sight to see Jerry off my stern!!!!
689807 dscn0728 - Another shot looking over our stern at the fleet at the upwind mark. The mark was right near the microwave tower at Jack London Square.
760100 dscn0730 - Mike Higgins in his hand built 14' wooden cat boat, the "Jean Alden"
504731 dscn0732
806851 dscn0733 - Dick Herman's brand new 2001 Compac Sun Cat 17
743641 dscn0734
750784 dscn0735
604993 dscn0736 - The winners of the Micro-Cruiser Division (with Commodore Judy B in front).
602948 dscn0737 - Winners of the Mini-Cruiser Division.
738253 dscn0738 Winners of the Pocket Cruiser Division (with Commodore Judy B)
806591 dscn0739 - Kay Narlick (with her crew Barb Simpson) winners of the "Guts and Glory Award" for her persistance in finishing the race even though it was her first time sailing her new-to-her Potter 14 Gunter rig. (Barb Simpson is the former owner and came along as crew to help Kay out)
726099 dscn0740 Pat Brennan, winner of the other "Guts and Glory" trohpy, for returning the starting line buoy after he snagged it with his keel. Somebody does it every year.... and sometimes they sail away with it!!! At least Pat noticed!!!
756262 dscn0741
655755 dscn0742
801299 dscn0745
640215 dscn0747
652418 dscn0748
651033 dscn0749
751183 dscn0750
770822 dscn0751
847318 dscn0752
632867 dscn0753
311202 dscn0754
678992 dscn0755
638020 dscn0756
669155 dscn0757
665360 dscn0758
665868 scn0759