Reinforcing the Traveller Mounting

A picture taken inside the aft lazarett, looking forward at the undside of the traveller. There were numberous cracks in the gelcoat near the traveller from flexing, so I filled theconcave space under the traveller with West System epoxy and wood, then laid about 1/8" of glass/epoxy over it. I also reinforced the corners.

A picture of the port side of the rudder box, and underside of the traveller lip, looking up and forward

The undersiade of the lip for the traveller. It used to be concave, but now it's been filled with a wooden stringer and glassed in, creating a flush, flat surface. I put in 5 layers of 8.6 oz woven E-glass cloth tape extending all the way across the cockpit. I also sealed the plywood bulkheads to the cockpit at the top (the OEM glass work had gaps and leaks in it)

A close up of the new tabbing which now connects the plywood bulkhead to the underside of the cockpit seat. After putting one coat of plain epoxy resin (West System) on the joint area and building a curved fillet of thickened epoxy inside the 90 degree joint, I put in two layers of 8.6 oz woven e-glass tape and epoxy resin.


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