Removable Outboard Bracket on Transom

The A4 was running great, with the new carb installed in the Spring of 2004, but the old wiring was getting more and more unreliable. When she turned over with the ignition switch on, she started immediately and ran perfectly. But sometimes she was dead as a doornail when we turned the key. There was a bad connection or two in there somewhere.

After spending two precious Saturday mornings fiddling with wiring instead of sailing, I was fed up. With a baby at home, I did't have time to do a lot of rewiring -- and the sailing season was in full swing.

I had a spare Garhauer outboard bracket and a brand new, 2-stroke 5-horsepower Nissan outboard motor that's been sitting in the original box in my garage for years, so I decided to mount them on the transom. The outboard is a long shaft (20") 5 hp, 2-stroke, so it weighs "only" about 38 pounds. It can't power the boat against a strong head wind, but it can push it at about 4.5 knots when the wind dies and I can't sail home. And it's fine for getting in and out of the slip.

I had the metal shop at Svendsen's make up a mounting plate and backing plate for the Garhauer outboard bracket, and mounted in on the stern.

So now I have a backup for the Atomic 4 <grin>.

(As it turned out, the electrical problem was the ignition system ground wires. I replaced all the connector terminals with new Ancor marine grade terminals of the correct size, sealed them with liquid electric tape -- and we with haven't had a problem since then. The A4 has started and run perfectly every time since replacing the grounds)

The bracket in the fully retracted (up) position. The metal shop at Svendsen's Boatyard made the mounting plate and tall handle extension for me. They also made a backing plate.

This is the Garhauer Marine outboard bracket. It is all stainless steel construction, with a poly mounting board. It has three positions: retracted up fully, extended down 13" and extended down 17". It has a capacity of 125 pounds, and will handle a four stroke. The price as of Spring 2004 was $175. www.gar

I've used it with a 60 pound and a 40 pound outboard, and lifting the motor is easy, even for this 105 pound woman.

Above: In the 13" extended position.
Above: Another view of the 13" extended position.
Above: In the fully lowered postion. The motor is 17" low than when fully retracted.
Above: Detail of the side channel of the mounting plate. The outboard bracket slides into the mounting plate from the top. The stainless steel thumb screw keeps the outboard bracket from sliding up. To remove the outboard bracket, the thumb screw must be removed.
Above: Detail of the mounting bracket plate. The plate was bent to match the curve of the transom. There is a similarly sized backing plate on the inside on the stern wetlocker.

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