Recommissioning Judy B's Bijou, a 1977 Catalina 27 - Nov 2002

Repair of Throttle Control for the Atomic 4


The old brass shaft for the throttle broke when I stepped on it. My buddy, Jerry Barrilleaux, is a machinist and he made a replacement for me out of stainless steel. He reused the plastic bearing sleeves on the new one.

According to Jerry, there was a flaw in the metal of the old brass one. It broke where a groove was machined for the C-shaped retaining clip.

To disassemble the control, I removed the screws holding the smaller outside cover. Then I removed a C-ring on both ends of the shaft. Using a plastic mallet (so that I didn't dent the metal shaft), I tapped on the inside of the shaft, and it slid out into the cockpit.

To reassemble, I greased the shaft and tapped it carefully back into the center axis of the control, working from the cockpit side. I tapped until the groove for the retaining clip appeared on the inside of the control.

Later, I moved the control where it wouldn't be as easy to step on!


I moved the engine control aft, where crew aren't as likely to step on them

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