Custom Boat Jewelry by Jerry

Fitting a Gooseneck and New Boom
On the Old Mast

Dave's always teasing me about how much I spend on our boats. According to him, "Judy can buy more boat jewelry than any woman in California." But this time, Dave can't complain that I spent too much on boat jewelry.

Because this "piece of jewelry" was a gift from my buddy Jerry.

The original gooseneck and boom


The new gooseneck and boom,
with internal reefing lines and
internal outhaul
(artist's sketch from catalog)


The Problem:

The old mast extrusion has an unusual profile. The extrusion has a sail track for the bolt rope or sliders that sticks out "proud" from the rest of the mast.

The shape of the sail track extrusion makes it nearly impossible to find a gooseneck that will work on it.

(Click on image to see the complete design specification for the C27 OEM mast)

click for the complete drawing of mast specifications


The Solution: Custom Boat Jewelry by Jerry

Jerry made a gorgeous hunk of "Boat Jewelry" for our new boat. It's all polished stainless steel and custom brass tapped screws. Jerry milled and tapped and modified the new gooseneck in mysterious ways fit it to the adaptor. According to Jerry, the track in the mast will break before the gooseneck ever does!

Without Jerry's talents as a precision machinist, we couldn't have fitted the new gooseneck (and the new boom) to the old OEM mast.

Thanks again, Jerry! You're a real sweetheart of a guy!

Jerry Barrilleaux, sailor and machinist extraordinaire!
Jerry knows sailboats


Close-ups of the Gooseneck adaptor

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture


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