Cockpit Remodelling - Lockers, manual bilge pump, new engine controls

Engine controls moved aft.

The original location was on starboard side, right below the primary winches. The crew members kept kicking them and it was difficult for the helmsman to reach them when the cockpit had several crew members in it.

Manual bilge pump installed in the port cockpit locker, forward section. It's a Whale "Titan", part number BP4410, 28 gallons per minute

Whale Titan pump installed inside port locker.

We added two layers of x-matt to reinforce and stiffen the cockpit kickpanel, and then refinished it with gelcoat applied with a paint brush. The orignal wall lamainate was so thin that it flexed when crew put their feet against it, and there were numerous hairline cracks in the gelcoat at the corners of the kickpanel where the locker cover rested.

Eventually, I plan to repaint the cockpit with LPU, and the reinforcement will prevent the hairline cracks from re-appearing after I paint.

Bilge pump hoses, port locker, facing aft.

This shows how I ran the 1.5 inch diameter wire-reinforced hose (the back hose) for the manual bilge pump aft, through the aft bulkhead, into the wet locker in the stern. The smaller white hose with the red stripe is the hose for the small automatic bilge pump in the keel sump. The bilge hoses are clamped to a nylon coupler on both sides of the aft bulkhead, making a vapor and watertight seal.

To seal the aft wet locker so it's water and vapor proof, I still need to do some more work: plumb the cockpit drains through the transom and connect all the hoses, and install couplers and clamps for the blower hoses. In a previous project, I installed new fiberglass tabbing on the aft bulkhead to prevent water from entering the side lockers if the aft locker ever filled with water.

View of the new laminate in the port locker, facing aft,. before refinishing with gelcoat. The translucent area is where we patched a hole from the old manual bilge pump.

View of the new laminate on the inside of the port locker, facing forward, before the topcoat of gelcoat and before the installation of the manual bilge pump.

View of new laminate inside starboard locker, before refinishing with gelcoat.

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