Catalina 27

Main Sail Cover, Dodger, Boom, Aft-Traveller and Mainsheet Tackle and Winches for Sale

San Francisco Bay Area


Mainsail Cover for Sale - $120 - SOLD

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That's about half the price of a new one. There are no rips in the Sunbrella and all the fasteners work This one is in very good condition -- there are many years of service left in it. Buyer pays shipping or pick it up in Alameda. Color is the standard Pacific Blue.

Buyer pays shipping costs.

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Dodger for Sale - $300 - SOLD

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Any local (Northern. California/ SF Bay) C-27 owners interested? It'd be a pain to box and ship. Buyer pays shipping or picks it up.

The dodger is about the right depth for a boat with a coach top traveller (which mine doesn't have). My 1977 doesn't have a sea-hood over the sliding companionway hatch, but the 1977 hatch sticks up higher than on later models with the seahood, so I think it will fit later models, based on what I saw while looking at several C27's for sale.

This is a very good quality dodger, with many options added. The frame is stainless steel, not aluminum, which makes it very sturdy and strong. The trim along the top edge is Elkhide, not vinyl. It's the standard Pacific Blue Sunbrella color. The side windows are full sized, and the middle of the front window opens with a zipper to let the breezes thru on hot days. It has openings for up to 3 lines running aft on each side of the companionway.

It does a great job of keeping you dry when it's really windy and rough. But it needs some seams restitched and some zippers replaced. The cloth has a several more years left in it. The windows have very few scratches in them. With a few hours of time spent repairing the seams and zippers, it will give you many more years of service. It has a full set of snap-on window covers.

It's got a quite a few years left in the cloth. The stitching is "sun-burned" and it needs to be restitched in places. The zippers for (opening the windows to let the breeze through) are stuck and need new slides or to be replaced. Some of the vinyl backing should be restitched and/or replaced. (Personally, I'd replace the vinyl backing at the same time if I were going to repair it, but you don't have to). The sunbrella is in good conditions, with no rips. The clear windows are in good condition, with a clear view and very few scratches. It has full sized side windows, not those dinky ones that block your field of vision. The elkhide top trim (which was an expensive option!) has shrunken with age (which has pulled out the stitching on the seams) and needs to be refitted/re-stitched and/or replaced.

I got two estimates for repairing it when I got bids for a larger, green (hemlock tweed) sunbrella dodger. One tradesman told me $150-200 for labor and materials. The other said $200-$250. If you're handy with a sewing machine, it'll take you 2 or 3 hours. I don't have a cabintop traveller on my boat, so I'm getting a new, larger one made of green sunbrella (along with a new sail cover, new jib UV color, etc)

A comparable new dodger would cost $1500-1700. Check out the dodgers at Island Nautical and A base model dodger, with aluminum frame, with tiny side windows and without window covers costs about $1150. (Just to give you an idea how expensive dodgers are, my new dodger, much larger than the old one and in my chosen color, is over $2500)

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Winches for Sale

Two Barlow #16 single speed winches in very good working condition - chrome over brass - $100/pr or $60 each. Buy pays shipping.-- SOLD

Two Barlow #23-26 two speed winches in very good working condition - chrome over brass - $250/pr or $150 each. Buyer pays shipping -- Sold

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Boom for Sale

Click here for info on the Catalina 27 boom for sale. -- SOLD

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