Bijou's New Bowsprit

The new bowsprit is much stronger than the original one installed by the manufacturer in 1977.

It was designed to accomodate the rigging requirements for flying a modern asymmetic cruising spinnaker.

  • It has full-length1/4" x 1" stainless side bars for greater lateral stiffness to bear the lateral loads generated by a modern asyymetric spinnaker..
  • It accepts a block for the tack line
  • It holds a replaceable fiberrglas batten through the snout. Sticking out fowards about 12-18 inches, the batten prrevents the lazy sheet from falling under the bow when we're doing outside jibes.



The new bowsprit, with a longer snout and a ring for attaching a tack block for an asymetrical spinnaker.

A slightly different view of the new bowsprit.

The old bowsprit. (note: I had already removed some of the bolts before I took this picture)

A top view of the old bowsprit.

Topview of the new bowsprit

A view of the underside. The hole and thumbscrew is for inserting a 1/4" round batten to catch the lazy sheet so it can't easily fall under the bow while doing outside jibes.

Detail of shim needed to fit the stainless bowsprit precisely to both the hull and the wood.

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